Do you have a Proform Code?


Excellent! Simply input your Proform code in the coupon section of your cart or checkout to receive Proform pricing on your entire order. 


Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Each code can be redeemed up to 3 times on most product. 
  2. Codes expire June 1, 2018
  3. You may get two boards, two bindings and unlimited softgoods/accessories. 

With a Proform you get three separate purchases with each code. If you need to use your code more then three times, you can register for Pro Discounts here.  


Proform Program:

This is our way of thanking YOU for your hard work and dedication to the cause. Each PROFORM code is unique and should be used to make purchases only for yourself. 

Using this code to make purchases for others is against our policy and we reserve the right to flag and review any order that appears to be made for others.  If we determine that the order is against C3’s policy your account will be terminated and your PROFORM privileges will be revoked indefinitely. 

If you need assistance registering your code, please email Thank you for all that you do for us and we hope that you have a killer season.


Obtaining a Proform code:

Proform codes come straight from our reps.

If you did not get a Proform code, but work in the industry and would like discounts see if you qualify below. You can apply here.


Shop Employees
Shop Kids unite! As the face of our sport, you are the men and women on the front lines.  You are the brave souls battling cheapskates for discounts, influencing every customer’s decision on what to ride, braving the storm that is the holiday rush and fighting the good fight at Ground ZERO to spread stoke and positivity while making your owner a BUNCH of money.  We know what it is you go through AND we understand that although this is a labor of love, it is not without a selfish component. Let’s face it, minimum wage and 20 hours a week ain’t gonna cut it.  Y’all need discounts, cheap gear and free lift tickets.  If it’s not for 100+ days a year than what’s the point?!  We can’t help you with the lift tickets, but we can save you a grip of cash on your new CAPiTA, UNION and COAL products for 2018.  Thanks for taming the masses and making sure that people who walk through your door become Snowboarders, not just people who Snowboard.


Rules, rules, rules!  I know, rules are boring but they’re here to make sure YOU get what YOU deserve and this program isn’t destroyed by a bunch of whackos who DON’T work for a shop and are trying to butt in.  Not on our watch.  This application must be accompanied by EITHER a picture of the Proform card that you got from your regional sales REP at a product clinic OR a recent pay stub and letter of recommendation from your Manager.  Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.
Park Crew Staff 
Park Crew Staff! Whether you are the head digger at Mammoth Unbound or you chip stunt ditches out of the ice at Bolton Valley we have nothing but respect for the hard work that goes into building and maintaining our terrain parks, no matter the scale. As members of the snowboarding community at large we think it’s important that you guys get hooked up with great product, at a great price.  This is how we repay you guys for being the influencers on the hill, in the bar and at your local shop (where you probably also work…)

    We all hate RULES, but we gotta have ‘em or nobody gets to have any fun…  In order to receive a Pro-Form through our Park Crew Program you MUST be a full-time employee of a park crew at one of our country’s many resorts.  Full-Time means at least 30 hrs/week and your application must be accompanied by a scan of your most recent pay stub and a letter of recommendation from the Terrain Park Manager.  If you haven’t started work for the season YET, please reach out to your Terrain Park Manager and have him/her call or email us with a letter of recommendation.  Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.

    Snowboard Guides
    We get it! You guys/gals are badass and you keep people alive and stuff and probably ride the sickest terrain we’ve (n)ever seen. To show our appreciation for keeping all of us, our friends and everyone else alive out there in the wild while we’re trying to track down the best turns imaginable, we thought we would offer a killer deal up to you guys as a way of saying “thank you”. It’s not much when compared to human life and mind numbing powder holes but we hope you can take your next crew out on a brand spankin’ new CAPiTA/UNION split set up OR grab up a new board for your quiver to ride the resort on your day off.


    Rules keep us alive out there! And in business in here! In order to receive this discount your application must be accompanied by documentation showing us that you are actively working as a snowboard guide either independent OR within an organization. Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.
    Snowboard Instructors
    Instructors! Guess what, without you guys, attendance probably wouldn’t be so good.  Snowboarding’s not exactly what it used to be; just a bunch of skateboarders trying to figure out how to survive long enough to put a couple of turns together.  No one had a clue what was going on and there literally was no right (or wrong) way to do it.  Fast forward 51 years from the inception of the Snurfer by our pal Sherman and, well, things have changed a little since then.  People are excited to learn to Snowboard and they need YOU to show them how to get up the lift without falling off, and down the trail without freaking out.  All without getting a black eye or breaking a wrist.  We recognize that you guys are an integral part in ushering the interested, into the invested.  To show our appreciation we are offering you a discount on all 2018 CAPiTA, COAL and UNION products.


    Rules!  Without rules, there would be no form, without form, there would be no lesson and with no lesson there would be no Snowboard Instructors!  We have a few simple rules for YOU in order to qualify for this pro-purchase.  You must work 25+ hours per week and your application must be accompanied by proof of employment, a scanned photo of your level 2 AASI accreditation and a brief letter of recommendation from your Snowboard School Supervisor. Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.
    Snowboard Patrollers
    Patrollers! We spend most of our days riding closed trails and ducking from the red coats.  We try to figure out how to poach resort lift-lines so we don’t have to buy a ticket we can’t afford.  We get our passes pulled for jibbing the handrail to the main entrance at the base lodge and we sprint through the parking lots with Patrol hot on our heels trying to keep our pants up while we desperately try not to get busted for having hi-jacked a mountain ops snowmobile to drive our buddy to the top of the hill at 5 AM in a Nor’ Easter.  Through it all we have the utmost respect for you, and we know that you appreciate us for keeping things interesting these past 40 years!  You’re the grease that keeps the resort wheel spinning smoothly and so we want to hook you up with a Pro-Purchase rate to say thanks for all of your hard work, for keeping the kooks safe and for making the resort life happen for us all.  We appreciate you!


    Rules make the world go around at least that’s how it feels at some of these posh resorts around the country, so we have a few of our own!  In order to qualify for this pro-purchase, you must work 25+ hours per week and provide proof of employment as well as a brief letter of recommendation from your Patrol Supervisor.  Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.
    Snowboard Coaches
    It's 2017! Gear is better than it’s ever been, kids are riding resorts by the time they’re 2.5 years old and the level of progression in snowboarding has gone mental. I don’t know how you figure out a triple cork without a Coach, I’m confused as to how a winning halfpipe run comes out of nowhere and I don’t really understand how you’re gonna stay on target to finish Gold in Olympic Slope without a mentor, friend and role-model to help get you there.  This is where the Coach comes in.  I heard a rumor that “those who can’t do, teach”. Now, I don’t know about that, but I do know that we have much respect for you pulling these kids up through the ranks to create champions, to raise and support role-models for future generations and to influence these kids to make sure they grow up right. Parents aren’t gonna learn their kids about the importance of not grabbing slob. They aren’t gonna explain why it’s whack to ride a 25-inch stance. And they probably aren’t going to sit them down and make them watch videos of Sanders, Farmer Brushie, Craig, Ranquet, Salasnek or Roach…  To show our appreciation, we want to offer the un-sung heroes of professional snowboarding Pro-Purchase rates for all 2018 CAPiTA UNION and COAL products.  Thank you!


    Rules suck, but if you want a great deal you’re just going to have to follow ours!  Your application MUST be accompanied by your current USSA accreditation.  Approval of all applications are subject to the discretion of C3.