Neo Slasher

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Charlie Slasher was a CAPiTA cult favorite, world-renowned as one of the best powder specific boards in the world. Legions of die-hard fans rode this model on resort days as a side-country slasher, and many used home split kits to enable Charlie to escort them into uncharted territory. These dedicated souls wanted a factory split version of the Charlie Slasher, and if we listen to anyone we listen to the searchers and the seekers. Heres to the individuals who strive to push the limits of human power, to those that embrace the solitude and camaraderie that snowboarding without boundaries provides. The 2019 Neo Slasher features a second generation DuraTail die-cut top sheet to protect your tail on the ascent, as well as a factory split chassis and hardware from the UNION BINDING COMPANY. A smooth sidecut flowing into a sinking 22 mm tapered tail provides sooth descents improved by an all-new HyperDrive base. This time-tested shape with a wide-frame rockered nose naturally floats above deep snow and transforms tiring powder days into long-lasting, incredible ones.

Rider Type:
Snowboard Rider Type


Snowboard Flex
Camber Type:

The ALPINE V2 Profile features mid-body camber with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This provides more control on the ascent when split, while maximizing floatation and turning power on the way down.

Snowboard Camber
Snowboard Additives

Snowboard Crosscut
Length Effective
Waist Nose/Tail Taper Sidecut Max Stance
Suggested Weight
154 116.80 25.00 29.90 / 27.60 2.20 8.80 62.90 / 24.80 130-190 / 59-86
158 120.70 25.60 30.50 / 28.30 2.20 9.10 62.90 / 24.80
140-200 / 63-90
161 123.10 25.80 30.80 / 28.50 2.20 9.30 63.90 / 25.20
150-210 / 68-95
164 125.30 26.10 31.20 / 29.00 2.20 9.50 65.50 / 25.80
160-220+ / 72-100+
  • Our Take: Ask and ye shall receive. An accessible Split Board for everyone who has the itch for riding powder, not spending all day sitting on a chairlift. Whether youre an all-out multi-day expedition kind of rider or just want something that you can cruise around the side country with when the resorts too busy, this is the board for you. The taper in the tail causes the NEO to sink in deep snow and plane in the nose so that you get an effortless ride in powder, while the inside factory edge gives you plenty of purchase when making those steep traverses on the trek out. Designed to hike like a split board, but ride like a snowboard, the NEO Slasher was developed to perform, not compromise.
  • Rider Profile: Designed for the rider who wants to spend most, if not all, of his or her time in the Backcountry. Not intended for use inbounds at resorts or ski areas.
  • Recommended Bindings: UNION Expedition or Expedition FC depending on the stretch that your pocketbook possesses. Go with the Expedition if you want something affordable that has that tried and true UNION durability with our Duraflex Nylon components OR step into the FC for Forged Carbon performance and reduced weight.
  • Recommended Boot Size: Size 10 and up you will want to equip this board with a size Large UNION binding to make sure the toe of your boot doesnt interrupt your stride while trekking.

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